• Greenhouse, Shade Net House, Plug Nursary, Fan & Pad Greenhouse Projects
    Param Greenhouses Supply offers farming solutions that are aimed at helping farmers to manage their agri costs as well as improve their efficiency. Our Services Greenhouse, Shade Net House, Plug Nursary, Fan & Pad Greenhouse.
  • Fertigation Control Systems
    Param Greenhouses offer a complete ferigation & climate control systems. Fertigation is the application of fertilizers, soil amendments, or other water soluble products through an irrigation system. Fertigation systems can be used extensively in commercial agriculture and horticulture applications. Climate Control Systems is sought after internationally for greenhouse automation technology.
  • Speciality Seeds
    We offer vegetable, pepper, tomato, cucumber, lettuce, herbs, and strawberry seeds. This is a partial list of resources, we have a large variety of products available. All seeds are testing for regulatory compliance and consumer protection.
  • Corp Management Products (Trellising)
    We aim to provide you with only the highest quality products in order to help you achieve the best results and maximize returns. We can provide you with everything you'll need for your trellis system.